Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Perfect 10

Happy 10 Months Gracie Girl!!!

To commemorate this month's birthday we decided to write our top ten favorite things about our 10 month old...

# 10. Her love of feeding herself. She loves banana chunks, Gerber puffs, toast with cheese melted on top, garden burgers (torn into pieces), peas, carrots, cheese slices, waffles, pancakes, tiny pear pieces, black beans, and chicken. Mommy still feeds her applesauce and it's still her all time favorite, along with Yo Baby yogurt.

# 9. The way she throws her sippy cup on the floor and wants NOTHING to do with it.

# 8. The way she babbles "da..da..da..daaaaaa" all day long.

# 7. She is fascinated with doors...she'll swing them back and forth, back and forth, back and forth forever.

# 6. After finishing swinging the doors, she'll head for the door stops...they are TERRIFIC noise makers ya know!

# 5. Cruising around the furniture and only holding on with ONE hand :)

# 4. It's looking like Miss Gracyn will be our climber, she was up in the dishwasher the other night lickety-split.

# 3. Her cooing smile

# 2. When she squeezes between the couch and our in-tables to get out of her baby gated area in the living room! How she figured out to go through there I'll never know...did Cade teach her to do that...hmmmmm.

# 1. The way she snuggles on my shoulder and twirls her fingers through my hair when I lay her down at naps and at night time. It is the sweetest thing...

You've come a long way baby girl and
we love every minute with you.


Rebecca said...

Yea for Gracie! I can't believe she is so old. They grow up way too fast. She will have to teach Kylee about playing with doors. So far Kylee just closes them and cries b/c she can't get out :)

RANDY said...

your little punkin' is really becoming her "personality". Now is the time when she will really start to change right before your eyes. She will be your little running buddy in the not too distant future. She and Cade are God's gifts to you and Steve. Be good stewards of these great gifts of God's love for us all.
We love you all,
PaPa, Dad, Randy

RANDY said...

Our little muchkin is growing up too fast...where did all the sleeping all night and most of the day go, learning to sit up, first words, cutting that first tooth, pulling up for the first time, playing with toys, eating the first bite of real food.....the list could go on and on!
Children are a very special blessing from GOD.
I'm so proud she has a big family who loves her so much!!!
Nawnaw, Nani, Nawners, Mom, Patti

Amanda said...

Happy 10 months Gracyn! Can't believe she's in the double digits already!!! Too bad it looks like she's a climber. Landry is going to be our climber, too, I'm sure. Give Gracyn a birthday squeeze on the cheeks for me!

Kristi said...

Wow, time has flown. Happy Day to Miss Gracyn!

Beth said...

Wow! 10 Months! She is such a cutie and sweetheart!

Ashley said...

oh! what a precious girl you have! steve better get his guns out now and start practicing his "shot". she has the most amazing eyes!! just want to squeeze her cheeks all over!! beck - let me know if ya'll head this way anytime soon - i have your birthday gift! and we just miss seeing ya!!

ginny said...

I could just kiss those sweet cheeks! Oh my goodness...maybe she'll like younger men like her momma? I've got a younger man for her :)