Sunday, September 14, 2008

Now I know why they call it, pain...t

The time has come for the "builder beige" to go!! While we've lived in our current home for a little over 2 years now, the only rooms that have seen paint are the kids. Cade's red and navy stripes about wore us out because of the texturing on our walls, but we pulled through (with the help of my in-laws, thanks) and it turned out wonderful.

Found this vintage train clock at Hobby Lobby
on clearance for $7.99!
Ticking R/R crossing signal = LOVE to my 3 year old

Gracyn's room was a breeze to paint because the chocolate color on the bottom covered any pink that might have made it's way down there! The little girl inside me loves this color combination and I think it turned out girly, sophisticated, but sweet all the same! Princess Gracie loves her digs... But the rest of the house has been a little neglected paint wise....until NOW! We are in the process of picking paint colors for the living room, breakfast area, kitchen, master bdrm, master bath and guest bathroom! WHEW...I am overwhelmed just writing all those areas down! Picking paint colors has proven to be quite the chore due to the fact that a lot of our areas are very open to each other. While I'd like to just paint it all the same for SIMPLICITY sake, I'd really like to do something special in the living room and then have the breakfast area/kitchen be a coordinating color! To start small Steve and I decided to paint the laundry room ourselves and give it a little face lift. I wanted a cooler color in there since the house colors we've mainly been choosing from have been on the warm side. BUT, I wanted it to be a warm-cool color (does that even make sense?), not so bright or stark that it would offend my eyes while doing oodles of laundry for 4 people! So off we head to Sherwin Williams to have a look! I chose a blue gray color, called Oyster Bay. We started painting in there around 8:15 and finished up with 2 coats around 10:40 p.m. It looks wonderful! I love the soft muted color of the blue and I love the way it looks with our dark walnut cabinetry! It's welcoming AND cozy all at the same time. Here is a photo of the finished paint job and my new favorite thing....the laundry room!
Steve and I completed the wall with a vintage window pane that we converted into a cork message board and key ring! Gotta give a big thanks to our friends the Locklins' for GIVING me the window and a shout out to my favorite handy man, my hubby for "re purposing" it for me! It's one of those beautiful things in your home that makes you smile each time you walk by!

Now if I could just pick a color for the OTHER 5 rooms we'll be in business....but the laundry room make-over has definitely got us motivated!


Omega said...

hey just wanted to check on you guys to see if you had any effects from the storm. Let me know if things are okay.

ginny said...

i love it! painting is a pain. that was one of the perks of this house...absolutely no painting needed to be done! window frame is so cute. you could make more and sell them, in your spare time :)

Jennifer said...

I really don't enjoy painting, but the final product usually makes it worth it. Good luck on the home makeovers! Laundry room looks great!