Tuesday, June 23, 2009


{i love this}
I had to reread it several times for the enormity of it to sink it,
but once it did I became intrigued by it's clarity.
Kinda like a little mantra for the month.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fun, Fun, Fun in the Summertime Sun

About 2 weeks ago we pulled out the trusty inflatable pool for the first time this season. Last year, Gracyn was so little that she just sat on the sidelines watching brother have all the fun, but this year she was more than ready to rumble in our "pool." Honestly, they could care less that it's only about 4 feet wide and holds about 3 inches of water. Watching them that afternoon you'd think they had the best pool in the whole state!!!

Cade and Gracyn, you were both were both so happy this afternoon that we all stopped what we were doing just to come out and watch you laugh. I wish I could stop time and keep you this small for just a couple of more years, but the one constant in life is change. And I know you will outgrow me long before I outgrow you, so just for today I savored the simple pleasures of life through your eyes.

Good times folks. Good times.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Menu Monday

A quick and easy dessert that looks anything but...this Ghirardelli Chocolate Orange Torte turned out splendid and tasted divine with a scoop of vanilla bean Blue Bell on top! Have a group of friends over for coffee and dessert one night, like we did, and serve up something simple! Don't make hospitality more complicated that necessary. This dessert is easy entertaining at it's best!!!

Ghirardelli Chocolate Orange Torte

SHHHHHHHHH.....the secret is that it's made out of THIS brownie mix!
Even the chocolate ganache is included.

See...lookie here. Give it a whirl.
After all, doesn't Chocolate Orange Torte sound more
"adult" than come over to my place for coffee and brownies?!??

Saturday, June 13, 2009


{image uploaded and originally stitched by alli coate}

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Petting Zoo Pals

On Saturday morning my parents took the kids to a local petting zoo! The kids have never been to a true petting zoo before, so this was a new adventure for the foursome! But judging from the pictures and reports from Cade, we won't be strangers to the petting zoo anymore.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Weekend Wind Down

Highlights of our weekend in Dallas...

{Dining Here} for our 8 year anniversary. Mmmmmmmm

{Sitting in HERE} for the inaugural event at the new Dallas Cowboys stadium.

Can I just say that this place is amazing...I think the $1.1 billion price tag proves that, but none the less it is first class from top to bottom!

From the largest retractable roof in the world to the sheer capacity of 100,000 people it's a marvel. Thanks to Mr. Jerry Jones for keeping up the notion that, "Everything is bigger in Texas."

I was the first person EVER to sit in seat 5 section C333 for the concert!!!

{Staring At This}
The King of Country Music!!!! Our seats were smack dab in the middle of the largest HD television screen in the world, that's right kiddies, IN. THE. WORLD.

Yeah, I know...you can hate. me. now.

Dear George,
It makes my heart happy that you don't resort to strobe lights, pyrotechnics, or stage dancers to draw a crowd at your shows. A man, a guitar, and a band singing hit after hit is all fans really want anyhow. You are living proof that a man can get better looking with age...love ya George!!!! {blush} Be still my heart!

{Listening To Him} he's got some good music out and he's not too hard on the eyes either!

P.S. This weekend brought to you by Nani and Papa...without their grandchild sitting, none of this would have been possible :) xoxoxo

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

roger that...

Steve and Cade had the incredible opportunity to visit the Ft. Hood air field this past week with the operations manager there named, Rich. (He just happens to be on our HOA board with Steve as well)

He allowed the boys to get up close and personal with an Apache helicopter while touring the facility! I was impressed my little pilot was actually brave enough to be lifted into the cock pit!

Thanks Rich for an exciting afternoon and for sending us these snapshots to share!