Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fun, Fun, Fun in the Summertime Sun

About 2 weeks ago we pulled out the trusty inflatable pool for the first time this season. Last year, Gracyn was so little that she just sat on the sidelines watching brother have all the fun, but this year she was more than ready to rumble in our "pool." Honestly, they could care less that it's only about 4 feet wide and holds about 3 inches of water. Watching them that afternoon you'd think they had the best pool in the whole state!!!

Cade and Gracyn, you were both were both so happy this afternoon that we all stopped what we were doing just to come out and watch you laugh. I wish I could stop time and keep you this small for just a couple of more years, but the one constant in life is change. And I know you will outgrow me long before I outgrow you, so just for today I savored the simple pleasures of life through your eyes.

Good times folks. Good times.


Amanda said...

So cute and looked like buckets of fun! Can't wait to come down and have some fun with my sweet little niece and nephew. Thanks for sharing such precious memories.
Aunt Manda

Melissa said...

How fun! I know what you mean about wanting to keep them little. I was just thinking that today when I was putting socks on Ty's chubby little feet....sigh....

In your pictures, Cade always looks so sweet with Gracyn. She sure is lucky to have such a good brother!

Nani said...

My little 'punkins' are so sweet!!! I love these pictures so much I guess because I was actually there in person and got to see you both have so much fun!!!
Keep splashing!!!
Hugs and kisses!

Rebecca said...

What fun! I just asked Kylee if she would stay small for Mommy the other morning. She smiled and nodded "yes." If only it was that easy.

ginny said...

Fun! Sometimes just a little water makes for the best day. :)