Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday TRUEism

love life, not stuff
"Realize that life, not stuff, is what matters. Objects are just objects — if you lose them, if they get stolen or destroyed … it’s not a big deal. They’re just objects — not your life. Your life is the series of moments that is steaming through your consciousness right now, and how you use those moments and what you fill them with is what truly matters, not what you fill your home with. At the end of this short journey, you’ll look back and remember your experiences, the people you loved and who loved you back, the things you did and didn’t do.
Not the stuff you had."

Monday, September 28, 2009

Soccer is the Season

Cade's first official soccer game was Saturday morning at 8:30 A.M. We pulled out of the drive way around 7:45 with Mimi and Grandpop in tow, to venture out into the big world of pee wee soccer! Cade informed us on the way to the game that his team was "MEAN GREEN" - - I said you guys aren't mean Cade, your shirts are just hunter green. I was quickly corrected on that subject as he continued by informing me that Coach Mark said that's who they were. And if Coach Mark says it, it's F-A-C-T.
So...I stand corrected.

After getting lost trying to follow our printed map, we called our friend Brooke to get exact directions, and thank goodness we did because the soccer field is half way to Louisiana from our house! Grief. And we will be driving there every Saturday until early November!

Once we pulled in and parked, Grandpop suited Cade up in his ankle pads and shin guards...Man, if Grandpop had a quarter for every time he'd done that, he'd have a HUGE mess of quarters!!!

They practiced kicking the ball around a little and then the big game was underway! Three on three, no goalies! Cade's first goal was for the other team, but he made up for it by scoring 6 more goals...for the "mean greens."

All in all he really played great! If you can actually call it "playing" at age 4. He ran after the ball, practiced stopping it before it went out of bounds, had a couple of successful steals, used good sportsmanship (even when another kid deliberately pushed him down), gulped down Gatorade with the best of 'em and looked like a handsome little stud in the process! What more could any mother ask for!

We are proud of you Cade Matthew!!! Your "can do" attitude and sporty spirit bring happiness to our hearts. I know this is probably the first of many games to come in your future, but it was a special one all the same.

Cade in Action...

{sorry about the fuzzy-ness, this was shot in video mode on our camera}

GO Mean GREEN :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday TRUEism

{image from here}
Love this!
It makes me realize just how silly some of the things
I ask God for really are...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Menu Monday

Marinades, especially store bought ones are totally underrated in the world of food in my humble opinion. So many times when I flip onto Food Network, they're talking about "homemade marinades this" or "adding sliced ginger to that"...which is all well and good at times.

But seriously...
get it

Let me introduce you to one of my favorite marinade mates:

DALE'S steak Seasoning

YES, that red spot says they've been making it for over 50 years {since 1946} and with good reason. It literally goes with everything! I love it mixed in with hamburger meat, or used as a marinade over steaks, pork, venison, and I've even marinated chicken in it with success! It just really is THAT delicious! Plan on adding a dash of DALE'S STEAK SEASONING to something on your menu this week.

In the mood for something new? Click on the DALE'S website for a complete list of recipes using beef, pork, poultry, and vegetables.

Welcome to the wonderful world of easy marinating!
The real secret behind melt in yo' mouth, flavorful meat!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunshine on a Soggy Day

My kids enjoyed a FULL batch of chocolate chip buttermilk pancakes on Saturday morning! They devoured them...LITERALLY. Gracyn ate 4 and Cade scarfed down FIVE and I had to cut him off there because he was still asking for more! As I glanced up from my own mound of buttermilk bliss, I tried my best to to sear those sweet faces into my heart.

Luckily I also had a camera near by
to record it for all of you :)

Mommy, I know you're taking incriminating photos of me to use at my sweet sixteen!

Wipe the drool off your keypad and go here for the recipe!
I posted it back in 2008!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

is having a


Tap, Tap, Tap your little keys on over to


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TWO lucky gals will win a set of baggie taggies (2 per set)
and one
lucky winner will take home a deluxe set of FAMILY tags!

The Baggie Taggies from Kristi's are a little different....they are on a metal ring to avoid the usual tearing that other taggies sustain over time. And they are contained in a plastic pouch instead of the traditional laminated one. The plastic is more durable and will hold up a lot longer. Each comes with coordinating ribbon. They are two sided: one side for a monogram or name, the other for identification information or a scripture.

Enchanting Eye Candy...

You can use these on any item that needs a name...

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Fingers and Toes crossed we are one of the lucky ducks who wins :)