Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday TRUEism

love life, not stuff
"Realize that life, not stuff, is what matters. Objects are just objects — if you lose them, if they get stolen or destroyed … it’s not a big deal. They’re just objects — not your life. Your life is the series of moments that is steaming through your consciousness right now, and how you use those moments and what you fill them with is what truly matters, not what you fill your home with. At the end of this short journey, you’ll look back and remember your experiences, the people you loved and who loved you back, the things you did and didn’t do.
Not the stuff you had."


Rebecca said...

Amen! If only I could remember that on a daily basis

Patti said...

I have gotten rid of more stuff in the last few months than in my entire life. I am learning some valuable lessons. Stuff isn't what this world is about.
Thank you for reminding me of this!! I'm sure there is more STUFF I can get rid of in all the closets!!!
Love you,