Monday, September 28, 2009

Soccer is the Season

Cade's first official soccer game was Saturday morning at 8:30 A.M. We pulled out of the drive way around 7:45 with Mimi and Grandpop in tow, to venture out into the big world of pee wee soccer! Cade informed us on the way to the game that his team was "MEAN GREEN" - - I said you guys aren't mean Cade, your shirts are just hunter green. I was quickly corrected on that subject as he continued by informing me that Coach Mark said that's who they were. And if Coach Mark says it, it's F-A-C-T.
So...I stand corrected.

After getting lost trying to follow our printed map, we called our friend Brooke to get exact directions, and thank goodness we did because the soccer field is half way to Louisiana from our house! Grief. And we will be driving there every Saturday until early November!

Once we pulled in and parked, Grandpop suited Cade up in his ankle pads and shin guards...Man, if Grandpop had a quarter for every time he'd done that, he'd have a HUGE mess of quarters!!!

They practiced kicking the ball around a little and then the big game was underway! Three on three, no goalies! Cade's first goal was for the other team, but he made up for it by scoring 6 more goals...for the "mean greens."

All in all he really played great! If you can actually call it "playing" at age 4. He ran after the ball, practiced stopping it before it went out of bounds, had a couple of successful steals, used good sportsmanship (even when another kid deliberately pushed him down), gulped down Gatorade with the best of 'em and looked like a handsome little stud in the process! What more could any mother ask for!

We are proud of you Cade Matthew!!! Your "can do" attitude and sporty spirit bring happiness to our hearts. I know this is probably the first of many games to come in your future, but it was a special one all the same.

Cade in Action...

{sorry about the fuzzy-ness, this was shot in video mode on our camera}

GO Mean GREEN :)


Melissa said...

Way to go, Cade! I love the video clip!

Patti said...

Nani is so proud of did great!!! Keep kicking the soccer ball and making those goals!!! You might be a pro in the near future!
Hugs & kisses,