Monday, June 15, 2009

Menu Monday

A quick and easy dessert that looks anything but...this Ghirardelli Chocolate Orange Torte turned out splendid and tasted divine with a scoop of vanilla bean Blue Bell on top! Have a group of friends over for coffee and dessert one night, like we did, and serve up something simple! Don't make hospitality more complicated that necessary. This dessert is easy entertaining at it's best!!!

Ghirardelli Chocolate Orange Torte

SHHHHHHHHH.....the secret is that it's made out of THIS brownie mix!
Even the chocolate ganache is included.

See...lookie here. Give it a whirl.
After all, doesn't Chocolate Orange Torte sound more
"adult" than come over to my place for coffee and brownies?!??


Kristi said...


Amanda said...

No fair! You had us all thinking you were Betty Crocker and you made it out of a brownie mix! it really was good, though. :)