Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

3 day weekends are so much fun! My parents came down this weekend so that the guys could go dove hunting and the girls could go to Salado. Saturday morning Mom and I headed to Salado to shop with every other Central Texas woman within a 20 mile radius of the town! Despite the crowded downtown, we set out on foot and made it to all of our favorite places: Main Street Place, Magnolia's, Charlotte's and Horsefeathers! We both found some SALE goodies at Main Street and I found a set of jar at Horsefeathers for my kitchen so it was a successful trip! We got lots of walking in AND found some great deals. Can't wait till you come back down Mom, I'm looking forward to our next girls day trip!

Steve and Dad headed out for the dove lease late Sunday returning Monday afternoon, tired but happy that the dove were out in full force in Hamilton, TX.

A snapshot of the weary hunters...

Enjoying the patio

Playing "tennis" with Daddy and YES, he's wearing jammies...long story!

Cade swam in his pool on Labor Day, played "tennis" and hit baseballs with Daddy! He's getting really good at his batting! He will still bat both left handed and right handed, but seems to favor his left. We may have a lefty on our hands! We started him out hitting baseballs off his tee, but now he likes for us to pitch to him, "like on the wii" he says!

Check out our home run hitter...

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Rebecca said...

Girl time is always fun. Sorry Salado was crowded, but at least you got some good buys. Cade is doing great. I think I see baseball in his future!!