Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our Morning In Pictures

You know those mornings that everything just falls into place? The mornings where Mommy wakes up ready to go because she actually got in bed on time, the kids both slept soundly until 7:30 a.m., and you pig out on a breakfast consisting of eggs, english muffins, bacon, yogurt, and a piping hot cup of decaf coffee (for the mommy...not the minors)! Well this was one of those mornings. Don't get me wrong we have plenty of crazy, hectic, rushing around, "where's your other shoe" mornings, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE when mornings are slow and easy! Cade is at such a neat age where we can sit and talk in the mornings at the breakfast table. He asks about what we're going to do today, where we're going to go, what's for lunch...you know the usual 3 year old questions. Something funny about him is that he always notices the weather. On most mornings he'll declare, "Wow Mommy, it looks like a beautiful day." I am looking forward to many more easy, fun, fall mornings with these two sweet faces!!! Go ahead, sneak a peek...

Her favorite toy to carry around, a giraffe finger puppet
Sporting the Alfalfa bed head look - HA!

Sweet Brother
Singing...Joshua fought the battle of Jericho song...Gracyn likes when the walls come tumbling down
Gracyn wants a kiss :)Brother happily obliges
Who could resist those cheeks?

Chores done...check!

Off to a great start...

What's an ideal morning look like at your house?


Jennifer said...

Abriella is generally very happy in the mornings, so I just enjoy them in general. When I walk into her room to get her, she almost always says, "Hiii" in this soft, sweet voice. I just love it!

Ashley said...

love those priceless pics beck!!! you are getting great at your picture taking! i'm looking forward to those easy mornings. since we've started solids, i'm doing good if i can get court nursed, feed him cereal, and take 1 or 2 sips of coffee before it's time for him to take his morning nap! it takes FOREVER right now. but, i know it will be faster one of these days. i need you to come organize me! :)