Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Two Peas in a Pod

Steve and I really think that Cade and Gracyn favor each other quite a bit at this age...in just the LOOKS category because in the personality category they are night and day...and I think the following pictures might sway all of you the same way!

SO, who is who?
Let us hear from you...drop your vote in the comments section and we'll revel the answer on my Friday post!!!

Picture #1

Picture #2


RANDY said...

Thanks for the latest update. You are right. They are two little peas in Pod. We love them both so much.


BexInTheCity said...

the first picture is Cade. =)

Omega said...

The first picture is Cade.

Amanda said...

#1 is Cade
#2 is Gracyn

They do look VERY much alike! Cute idea to take the same pic of the 2 of them. I'll have to do that with Landry!

MelissaT said...

#1 Cade
#2 Gracyn

They look extremely similar. Gotta love those cheeks!

Nani said...

They both are so cute!!! Cade is #1 and little Gracyn is #2. Nani knows who's who!!!
Keep all those stories and pictures coming!

Aunt Manders said...

One is Cade and 2 is Gracyn. Ha ha!!!! I hope I'd be able to tell my niece and nephew apart!
Aunt Manders

Ashley said...

love them! 2 cute! #1 caders #2 miss gracyn. give them kisses for me!

Kristi said...

I'm with the group on this one! 1-Cade, 2-Gracyn. So cute.

Jennifer said...

I'm with everyone on this one too. Cade is #1. Gracyn #2. I didn't know Cade as a baby like Gracyn, but I've always thought Gracyn looked just like Cade! Yeah for Gracyn on her first word too!!