Friday, June 6, 2008

FUN Friday

Drum roll ALL of you who voted #1 is CADE and photo #2 is GRACYN. Good job everyone, ya'll sure know my munchkins. Is it not amazing though how much they DO favor one another?!? It looks like the same baby almost, in the first pose he's not smiling and in the second she is.
I decided today that when I write a Friday post I would pick something around my house that I Reeeeeally LOVE, to share!!! Today I decided to share my feet's favorite summer time accessory, besides a pedicure of course, REEF flip flops!

Now I know, I know they ARE more expensive than say of the mill Old Navy flip flops, BUT they are so worth it!!! I too trudged around MANY summers in $5.00 Old Navy thongs for years & years, but my feet were always stiff, sore and worn out after wearing them all day long and honestly girls....who needs that? Reefs on the other hand are super comfy, actually have an arch support and come in black which matches every one's summer wardrobe! I have worn them ALL DAY for several days in a row with no aches and pains what-so-ever people! I'm beginning to realize that in the flip-flops department you get what you pay for! And hey they show off that great pedicure you paid $20 bucks to get! Reefs.....go forth and get ya some before they're all bought up by the zillions of people who read this blog! HA!! May your feet have a merry summer :)

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ginny said...

I'm waiting for a pair to come in the mail as we speak. They should've already been here and my feet are begging for them :)