Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Conversations with a 3 year old

Mommy- Okay, Cade we're all done cleaning the bathrooms, do you want to help me give Bentley (our dog) a bath?

Cade- Sure Mom, but why does he need a bath?

Mommy- Because he's stinky

Cade- Does he "yike" to be stinky?

Mommy- No, that's why we're giving him a bath...because he gets stinky from playing out in the yard too much

Cade- Will the "wader" wash off the stinky?

Mommy- Uh-Huh, it will

Cade: Do I get stinky from playin' outside too much?

Mommy- Yes, sometimes you do...

Cade- Are you gonna wash off my stinky in the sink too?

Mommy- I might just do that Cade...

Ahhhhh, the musings of three year old boys! Here's a shot of my "water sprayer helper" as he likes to refer to himself and my CLEAN canine. Bentley looks THRILLED to be photographed!!!

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Amanda said...

Funny, funny! The things they say are so cute!