Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fun Fridays...My favorite Things


I'll just say that again, I L-U-U-U-U-V PORCH SWINGS! At every house we've owned since we've been married Steve has always assembled and hung a swing for me. I don't know WHY exactly I love them so much, but there is just something wonderful about them! They evoke a nostalgia in me, because enjoying one recalls the quiet of a FAR less complex era! To me, it's a comforting place that just epitomizes the word HOME.

It's the perfect place to end a long day, to sit and sing hymns to your daughter, to snuggle your son, to work out a disagreement with you hubby, to talk to God, to admire the beauty of my Lord's paintbrush, to be with your family, to sip a tall icy glass of lemonade, to just be quiet, and to listen to nature at night...I could go on and on. It just makes me just slow down I guess...And in today's world I know I need some place to go to slow down. I imagine that the porch preceded the kitchen as the place for us to come together. I suppose you can boil it down to this: I am a simple southern girl, I like simple southern things and the simple joy of a porch swing is something you really have to experience to understand...

My Favorite Place to Be

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Rebecca said...

My mom has a swing in her front yard that we always have our "talks" in. She bought one for us while she was here keeping Kylee. Jonathan and I have really enjoyed it and it is a great place to go while Kylee is crying herself to sleep :)