Thursday, June 12, 2008

Baracudas & B.B.Q

Monday night we were invited to our FIRST EVER arena foodball game! The Dominguez family had tickets to see the Cen-Tex Baracudas and invited us to come along! After meeting up at Clem Mikeska's for some B.B.Q. we headed over to the Expo center for some arena action. Can I just say that arena football is my new favorite sport!! It's fast paced, almost NO time-outs, hardly any penalty calls, AND is usually accompanied by some CrAzY announcer who roams around the stands calling plays and getting people to stand up and dance the macarena (or is that just here in Bell County?)
Anyhoo, the boys loved it and so did the parents! Jonathan broke it down for us during the intermissions (the kid's got rhythm) while Cade and Benjamin played back up with the hand clapping! We had so much fun that by half-time everyone under 4 foot was worn out, and we all headed home to hit the hay! On the way home, Cade announced more than 3X that "it was so much FUN" and that he "wuuuuved the Baracudas!" Thanks for thinking of us Dominguez Family, we look forward to terrorizing the world of arena football with you again soon!!!

Our Cheering Section

Outside the arena...Benjamin lookin' cute, my kid showing
off his farmer's tan!


Kristi said...

Sooo much fun! Thanks abunch for joining us...on your anniversary! We look forward to many, many more fun times together!

Big-Daddy Charlie said...

Hey there south Texans!!!
Got released from the doctor this morning (Tuesday) and get to return to work tomorrow!! WooHoo!!!
We had Hurricane Harbor passes added to our 6-Flags pass and took full advantage of it yesterday. Boy it felt good and we may return again today!! Come join us next time you're up this way!
The girls say hi and we miss you.

Love, Charlie