Monday, June 2, 2008

57 Years Young

What a weekend! We actually pulled off a great surprise dinner for Steve's Dad's 57th birthday this year!!! And that is a feat because he is not an easy man to surprise, let me tell you...he always seems to be in the know about everything...

So here's the set up!

We headed to Dallas on Friday morning early to spend the day with Nani and Papa! We played, napped, ate YUMMY I'Fratelli pizza, and visited the day away!

Steve made reservations at Bucca Di Beppo for all of us, but Orlando (Steve's Dad) was only told that Steve's younger brother Phillip and Orlando's parents would be joining them for a birthday we got our crew there early, (A first for us in about 4 years) check in, get to the table and wait. Cade kept running over to the corner to check to see if Grandpop was coming. I told him that when Grandpop came in we were all going to say, "Surprise...Happy Birthday." He promptly informed me that he didn't need everyone to say it, he could say it by himself thank you very much! He reminded me that he was "free and a half" years old and that "free and a half" year olds don't need help saying that. Awh...3 year's the new 2 you know. Anyhow, they arrive just as scheduled and SURPRISE!!! We pulled it off. As you can see he was overjoyed or is that a little overwhelmed...

We spent the rest of the weekend at the Alaniz's home and had a great time swimming, grilling, and hanging out all the Alaniz Crew, Mom & Dad, and Amanda & Cody. Gracyn got to spend LOTS of time with her precious Gigi and Pops (great-grandparents)! She loved every minute of it. Thanks to everyone for making the trip over to see us!

Happy 57th Orlando, we hope you have many many more...AND...we GOTCHA'

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