Monday, August 10, 2009

Playgroup Pals

Every Monday summer, spring, fall and even winter we meet up with our playgroup pals from church! Sometimes we meet up at a special destination: zoo, museum, chick-fil-a, mickey d's, someone's home and sometimes we just take over the gym at our church. But no matter where we meet, we always manage to have SO MUCH FUN!!!

Meeting with this group on a weekly basis for such a long time now has been a real blessing to each of us. We've made new friendships as well as strengthened old ones. The kids forge special bonds with each other and it's neat just to simply watch them "play" together! The Moms get to swap stories, strategies, strengths and sorrows and just be there for each other in general. I think one of the best things any stay at home mother can do is find a group/community to be a part of, for yourself as well as your kids.

They say "it takes a village" and I couldn't have picked a better group of Moms and kids to plow through life with....thanks Lord for placing me where YOU want me to be.


Jennifer said...

we went to the post office today and then i decided we'd try playgroup since it was almost time. however, as soon as we get there, little man starts crying (he'd already been up an hour), and nobody was at the church yet, so we decided to head on back home. little colby went right to sleep when i put him in his bed. it's hard with these little ones that LOVE their beds and sleep so much! missed seeing everyone!

Melissa said...

We've had so much fun coming to playgroup this summer. We will really miss it, and Emily and Ty will definitely miss seeing their "little peeps." The one of Ty with all the lil ladies is cracking me up.

Kristi said...

Woohoo! Our playgroup rocks!

Nani said...

Looks like a very Happy play group!!! I bet all the Moms have more fun than the kids.