Friday, August 21, 2009

School Days, School Days, Good 'Ole Golden Rule Days

Dear Cade,

Today is your first day of PK-4! I feel in some ways that it's your first LAST day of being my "little" boy. Next year, you will be in the big world of public school....a kindergartner! You were slow to wake up early this morning, but once you got yourself dressed you were ready for a school year full of new adventures, new friends, and new lessons. You ate your favorite breakfast before school, a bowl of Cheerios and sliced strawberries with a glass of pomegranate blueberry juice. You asked me if you could take your Dick and Jane reader to school and when I tried to pack it into your bag you insisted on carrying it yourself! I know you'll enjoy reading it to your new friends today!

My heart swells with pride each and every time my eyes fall on you sweet boy! You are one of a kind. A smart, curious, playful, kind-hearted, athletic, helpful and handsome little fella. There are no words for me to express just how much I love you Cade, so I make it my mission to show you each day! Just as the Psalms say, you were, "fearfully and wonderfully made." I continue to pray for you to grow in knowledge and in truth.

Truth that transforms!

I Love you,



RANDY said...

Cherish the moment as it will slip away the blink of an eye they are all grown chapter has closed and another begins...we love you all!!!!


Patti said...

I know you will have a wonderful day at school....
You,our little man is all grown up!
Tell Mom to give you some kisses and hugs from Nani when you get home!

Amanda said...

Oh how wonderful! You are such a sweet boy and I know you had a great first day back. I am smiling from ear to ear enjoying your joyful smile and the excitement in your eyes.
Aunt Manda

Rebecca said...

I hope his first day was fantastic. He is growing up so big!! Good luck on a great new year Cade

Kristi said... sweet. Loved your note to him. What a precious mommy you are. He is going to have an AWESOME year!