Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Steve-O

We like to party!
{don't worry it's an empty cup people}
Hubster celebrated his 31st this year with a simple fajita dinner with our immediate family and his childhood best friend Adam and his wife Holly. Fajitas are his favorite Mexican food, so we fired up the grill, loaded up the margarita machine, and rang in 31 FiEsTa StYLe!!!

Taste Testers


Beverage Babe

Pool Volleyball Sharks
The Boys
The Chicks

Fiesta Friends

DO NOT ADJUST YOUR SCREEN...This IS a shaky/slightly blurred, I've had one too many margaritas but I'm going to try to take the photo anyway family shot!

We love you Daddy...and your key lime

"cheesecake factory"

cheesecake too!!!!


Kristi said...

Happy Birthday, Steve! I can't believe you're younger than me! ; )

Looks like you all had a great time!

Anonymous said...

Happy Bday Steve! I think about your family often. If you come to FL in the next 2 years stop by and see us!

Rebekah Kite

Patti said...

We had a great celebration with friends and family, lots of food, & yummy Key Lime pie!!!

ginny said...

Happy belated birthday, Steve!