Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Put me in coach, I'm ready to play!

Our new nightly routine is fix dinner, eat dinner, clean-up, and run outside as fast as we can to play baseball with Cade. Thanks in part to the fact that the back of our house faces east, so our lawn is shaded around 7 p.m. Everyday he reminds me, in his most serious tone, that he has a baseball game to play tonight! He even begs me to invite his friends over to "watch" him play!
No self-esteem issues here folks.
He has a tee, but he really likes it when Steve pitches to him! He keeps telling us he doesn't want to play t-ball because that's really NOT baseball.
He'd rather play, and I quote, "just plain baseball" instead :)

We even have our own field groomer...cutest one on the block!

{I'll give you a hint...she's got the cutest
this side of the Mason Dixon}

{And the longest lashes}

{And the biggest most beautiful brown eyes you ever did see}


Jessica said...

love those adorable smiles!

Rebecca said...

What great family fun!!

Amanda said...

I love this blog. I can't wait to come down again and see Cade play his baseball game. And see the cute adorable field groomer. So cute and precious.
Aunt Manda

Kristi said...

Wow-- to have those lashes! Beautiful girl! Cade rocks the ball playing. When we were there one night for a Wednesday night dessert-fest, David pitched to him for a bit. He was IMPRESSED!! Maybe we'll all be watching him on the Rangers soon!

Nani said...

Love those big smiles!! You both are the cutest grandbabies I know...keep the pix coming!!!