Thursday, January 29, 2009

Walking, Talking, Loving Life

Baby Girl is 14 months old today! How would I describe her at 14 months?

Here are 14 ways...
- brown eyed beauty
- sweet spirited
- a rambling talker
- a Frankenstein walker
- big, huge, kissable cheeks
- my NON picky eater, Hallelujah!!!
- lash-a-licious
- snuggle bunny
- belly laugher
- bottle-lover
- 6 toothed smiler
- collector of all things small
- baby doll hugger
- momma's girl, through and through!

Sweet baby girl, I hope that you will look at me through the years as you do this day...with complete trust, powerful love, and joyful smiles.

Hugs and Sugars!