Friday, January 23, 2009

Fun favorite things

I turned on Good Morning America the other day, a RARE occasion for me, and caught the daily installment of a series entitled Dermatologist Secrets Revealed or something to that affect. The female dermatologist on the show that day proceeded to give various tips on what else????


Guess what her TOP "secret" tip was? Slather your face in layers of cold cream every night and pray hard....well not quite although that was my guess! The "top tip" from the expert herself was to wear moisturizer containing sunscreen everyday. She recommended choosing a 15+ SPF product. Even if your one of those people who says, "I never see the light of day except for walking to my car and back because I sit at a computer screen for 10 hours" either because that's your job or because you don't want to face the mountain of laundry, dishes in your sink, unmade beds, or little folks wreaking havoc in the playroom...she still insisted that even for the few moments you are outdoors the best long term gift you can give your skin is protection.

Of all the fancy schmancey moisturizer products on the market, I am still loyal to my college stand-by. An old drugstore find made by Johnson & Johnson called Purpose. It is oil-free, fragrance free, and has the Good Morning America's seal of approval 15 SPF all wrapped up in an 8 dollar bottle! What more could a girl ask for? Oh don't get me wrong, I'm sure one day I'll be on the cold cream and prayer regime, but for now I'll stick to Purpose!

Now it's your turn, leave me a note and share your favorite moisturizer, skin cream, or TOP SECRET beauty regime...

Happy Oil Free Friday

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Anonymous said...

Hey sis,
My favorite is Aveeno Radiance Cream, which is oil-free. It doesn't have sunscreen, but my Neutrogena MIneral powder base has 20 SPF in it. Thanks for sharing.