Thursday, July 24, 2008

Love you Good Night, Sleep Tight

Bedtime is one of our favorite times with the kids! The day is winding down, it's dark outside, the dishes are clean, playroom is picked up, everybody is bathed, and even our rambunctious Cade is ready for a little snuggle.
Our bedtime routine consists of: jammies, brushing teeth/kids mouthwash, going to the potty once more, 2 stories, then we say a prayer from our prayer chart from church (basically covering one of the fruits of the spirit), Cade says his prayers and then we all sing a "Jesus"song together! It seems kinda long, but I really love these last few moments of awake time with our kiddos. It's like the calm at the end of a storm sometimes and other days it's like riding a train all day long and then arriving at your destination...I think all the Mommies out there will understand what I mean.

A typical prayer for Cader:

"dear God,

thank your for my mommy and daddy

and thank you for my sister gracie,

thank you for my doggies, bentley and sammy,

thank you for my letters: C-A-D-E....Cade (wooden letters hanging on his wall)

thank you for my aggie football man,

thank you for my basketball hoop and ball,

thank you for my 'fwriends'

and thanks for my 'twain' bed.

in Jesus name,


He always reminds us not to take the little things in life for granted...thanks Little Man!!!

I snapped this shot the other night of story time with Dad.

So tell me, what do your bedtime routines consist of?


Rebecca said...

I love bedtime too! We do a bath, 2 stories and then while I nurse her Daddy and I sing to her. We mostly sing old youth group songs that we remember. Then we always end with "We love you with the love of the Lord" as we lay her down. Then we turn on her mobile and close the door. Then hopefully she drifts off to dreamland.

Kristi said...

I love hearing other folks' bedtime routines. Ours is pretty similar to most. The boys take a bath and Jonathan gets out first while Benjamin stays in to play for a while. Jonathan and I read a story together in his rocker while Daddy gets Benjamin into his jammies. Jonathan is lights out first. Then David and I snuggle up to Benjamin for a Berenstain Bear book and a library book. Then prayer time...he always mentions Cade in his list of friends to thank God for! Isn't it cute? The younger they are, the less they ask for and the more thankful they are to God for. Very rarely does Benjamin make any requests to God...he just has a list like Cade's of his thank you's. I guess we could all take a lesson from our kiddos sometimes!