Wednesday, July 30, 2008

EIGHT is really GREAT

Our precious baby girl turned 8 months old yesterday! It seems unbelievable...
I can hardly remember a time when she wasn't a part of our family! Just when I thought your smile couldn't get any bigger....I went in to pick you up this morning and you were grinning from ear to ear and squealing with glee! I can't seem to kiss those big cheeks or squeeze those sweet legs (which actually look like a can of biscuits) enough these days.
You have had an eventful month this July, filled with many changes. These are some of the things I will remember most about you, my girl.

- You moved from army crawling to actual crawling EVERYWHERE. You are so fast that I can hardly keep up with you. Even on the tile floors you are sure of yourself and are determined to keep up with Mommy and Cade.
- Your gummy grin has expanded into a "one toothed" wonder!
- Somehow you have already taught yourself to pull to standing. We began finding you standing in your crib 2 weeks ago! Your favorite place to be is standing/holding onto our leather ottoman in the living room, playing with your toys! You smile and "talk" to me when I ask you if I can play too. I will remember these moments always.
- You LOVE to eat applesauce! I can't re-fill the spoon fast enough once you taste it.
- I love the way you tenderly lay your head on my shoulder when people talk to you.
- When your giggle turns into a chuckle.
- You also LOVE to bang your rattle on your highchair tray...very LOUDLY and then smile with pleasure at yourself.
- Oh my heavens, you melt my heart when you stick those 2 middle fingers in your mouth when you get sleepy!
- You survived a 4 1/2 hour road trip to Corpus Christi for our family vacation to see the Allens!
Since the day of your birth our lives have been changed forever, for the better. I will store up these moments and memories in my heart. I know they will bring a smile to my face once again when I am old and gray!
We love you Gracyn Avery and thank God for placing you into our lives and into our hearts.


RANDY said...

Gracyn truly is a blessing to you all as is Cade. Children are true blessings that God gives you and wants us all to be good stewards of that blessing. Always seek God first and teach them well and our Father will take care of the rest.
Happy birthday Gracyn!!!!!!!!!

AmandaGM said...

Gracyn is such a cutie and she has changed so much!! I can't wait to see you guys when ya'll come down. What fun!! She is such a blessing and sweet addition to the family! I love you sweetie!
Aunt Manders

Patti said...

Gracyn is such a sweetie and a cuddler. Cade is a sweet, little boy. I love you both very much!;)
God gives us grandkids to bless our lives for the better. Thank you Lord for all of our wonderful blessings!!!
Happy 8 Month Birthday Gracie!!!

Amanda said...

Happy 8 months Gracyn! You are such a sweet, precious little baby!

ginny said...

Oh, I'd love to be able to see those sweet cheeks in person! Maybe the next time y'all are in town? She's precious.

Melissa said...

Happy 8 Months! I just love babies who have "can of biscuit" legs!!!