Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cardboard Testimonies

I saw this clip on a friend's blog and couldn't resist posting it on mine as well. What a powerful message these little cardboard signs hold...I was very teary by the end of it!

What would your card say? What would mine? (now that I think about it...mine would say plenty...trust me) Have we brought these things before God and asked for his loving forgiveness or tried to sweep them under a rug and pretend like they never happened or don't continue to go on?
A christian author I read said that "as with anything human, church always mingles the glorious with the flawed." Not one single person is perfect, not one single person has it all together or knows all the answers and that's where my sweet, sweet Jesus comes in!!! We are all flawed in some way, shape, or form, we live in a fallen world...but through the glory of Christ we can live abundantly, serve faithfully, and trust immeasureably more through the blood of our risen Lord. Thank you Lord, oh how I love you so. Take me, mold me, USE me...let me never forget where I've been or where I'm headed Lord.

What I've been reminded to do today?

Take it to the cross, don't wait one second more. I believe that God's wounded often make His strongest soldiers. Thanks Rebekah for originally posting this clip, I needed the reminder.


Kristi said...

Oh, Becky...if it weren't past your bed time, I'd be calling you right now. I needed to see this so badly. Thank you, sweet friend. Now I'm off to grab a box of kleenex and Mr. D. so he can sit down and watch this, too. I really appreciate you posting this.
Powerful stuff. Thinking about what mine would say...

BexInTheCity said...

i posted that on my blog last week. powerful stuff!!

Amanda said...

Wow - that's really awesome! Thanks for posting that - I needed it.