Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer Storm

We had a TERRIBLE storm hit yesterday! We had very high winds, driving rain and a major lightening display. Of course all this blew in right on the cusp of laying the kids down for naps, luckily they're fairly sound sleepers and slept through it all...THANKFULLY!!!

Check out the aftermath in our backyard

YES...the winds pushed half of our 40 lb. stainless steel grill off the patio & completely toppled Cade's swing set.

Steve, Cade and I spent the rest of the evening dismantling the swing set! It's been through a cross country move, a wind funnel cloud (which happened right after we moved in), and now a summer storm! Poor thing, we put him out of his misery...may all his pieces rest in peace....in Lake Belton.


Kristi said...

WOW! I had no clue this was going on over there! Goodbye, dear swing set. Hey, I bet since it is the end of summer, you could get a great deal on a new one! We've been shopping around for one ourselves.

Big-Daddy Charlie said...

That poor swing! It's been through a lot. I hope Cader wasn't too upset. On the upside I guess he gets to help Steve pick out a new (Gracyn-Friendly) set! Hey Cader (Charlie sends a fist-bump)...strap on the tool belt and help dad! Send us some pics of the work in progress. Should have saved the wood and had an old A&M Bonfire!! Glad you are all OK. I think Kay, Ashlyn & I are headed to San Marcos on the 1st. One last get-away before you-know-what! Maybe a stop in Belton is due??? Hmmm...
Love 'ya all,

Amanda said...

Wow! That storm hit us bad, too. The wind completely blew our fence to the ground! Sorry tor your swingset loss. We'll have a moment of silence for it!

It hit right as I was getting my kids down for a nap, too. Luckily mine slept through it as well. What better time to take a nap, right?