Monday, February 23, 2009

No Memory (literally & figuratively) and a story

During our last trip to Dallas, I left my camera at my parent's home! I had so many cute Valentine pictures to post, stories to tell, memories to record, but alas they are all stuck in the "BIG D" on my Canon Rebel's memory card.

Darn it.

So I will leave you with a story...that I did have a photo to go with...but you'll just have to settle for the story folks.

My Dad, Cade and I are driving back to Nani and Papa's house one evening after he spent the afternoon with Aunt Manda and Uncle Cody!

Cade- Mommy, look at that!

Me- Look at what?

Cade- Up there, in the sky.

Me- (spotting airplane lights moving across the sky) Oh the lights?

Cade- Yeah Mommy, it's Jesus.

Me- You think?

Cade- Yes, he's headed to bed in the clouds.

Me- Why is he flashing?

Cade- So the birds won't run into him.

Gotta love the ingenuity of a 4 year old.

I really miss updating the blog! Badly...

Hopefully, I'll be back in business soon! You'll have to bear with pics and all :)


gayle said...

That is too funny!!!

Amanda said...

Cade cracks me up! We sure wouldn't want birds flying into Jesus, now would we???

Bummer about your camera. I HATE when I do that!!!

ginny said...

I have some major issues with my camera also!

I love Cade's age when so much of their thinking revolves around Jesus. Precious!