Tuesday, February 10, 2009

SIGN, Sealed, Delivered

Check out my new sign from Susie Harris! I was so anxious to receive it that I was beating my "mail woman" to the box every day until one afternoon I hear a knock on our door. I answer it to find the said "mail woman" holding a long brown package with a bundle of other superfluous (mainly junk) mail. I thanked her, hastily closed my door, ran to my trusty kitchen shears and ripped into the brown packing paper and feasted my eyes on my new beauty.

And let me tell you people, she was a sight in her dIsTrEsSeD glory and silvery gold HAND PAINTED letters. Oh the love...

I *heart* my new sign!

She's already taken up permanent residence above my kitchen cabinetry.

Susie, you do BEAUTIFUL work, thanks so much!

Having sign envy?
Go order one of your own at Susie's Etsy store!



Susie from Bienvenue said...

Thank you! Im so happy that you love it. It's neat to see where you placed it in your home. I always wonder where they are going and now I know. I must add that I love your blog and that you have two of the cutest kids ever! Thanks again for the nice shout out. enjoy~

BexInTheCity said...

One of the benefits of marrying a guy who works at the family sign business! =)

Janie said...

Becky, that is absolutely gorgeous and it looks like you found the perfect spot for it!

gayle said...

I absolutely love that sign, it looks great! Hopefully soon I will see it in person! :)

I would love to have a sign made for my house, but I am still so much a the beginning stages of decorating, I have no idea what I would even get! I'll have to remember this.

Also -- what is that service you mentioned that does the blog into a book thing?

Here is my email address, too: