Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Target Dollar Spot Sparkler

I happened to find myself in Target, yet again, last week! I initially went in looking for a new hairdryer because the old one decided to retaliate by spitting fire when we tried using it! I wish I was kidding. I saw the FLAMES blazing in my mirror with my own 2 peepers...YIKES!

Seeing as that is a serious FIRE HAZARD I chunked him in the trash on the spot.

Back to my story, I run in let Cade pick out a basket, strap Gracyn in the front and we're off. Okay, here's where the catch comes I the only person who absolutely CANNOT and I mean can NOT pass by the Dollar Spot without looking to see what treasures it holds this month? Please give me a shout out and let me know I'm not suffering from "Dollar Spot-itis!"

Back to the story take II, the 3 of us are perusing the bins when I spot this little cutie!

A miniature mailbox...for a DOLLAR!
Of course I pick one right up and toss into the basket, not knowing exactly WHAT I'm going to do with it, but figuring I'll come up with something...because it's a bargain at a dollar, right?!?? We continue on around find a new hair dryer too and end up eating lunch there because Cade insists they have the best crust less PB&J sandwiches around. This coming from a fella who seriously knows his stuff. The kid is addicted to PB&J sandwiches and he says they're the best, so they are the best! Are you beginning to see why we love Target so much?
I sat my mailbox on my kitchen counter at home to hopefully be inspired with an idea. While checking the blogs I follow this past weekend and saw a girl who decoupaged her Target mailbox. Luckily she linked back to the post she got the idea from and what do you know...I found a decorating step-by-step tutorial and a new blog to follow in the process! Amanda at Imperfectly Beautiful gives the play by play specifically for these mailboxes, I mean even down to the paper lengths to cut! Easy-Peasy.
So my simple little dollar spot mailbox now looks like this...
A perfect gift for a teacher, friend, co-worker, daycare provider, church bible class teacher, nursery worker, or yourself! Ours will be sent to preschool on Friday for Cade's teacher! We filled ours with Hershey kisses and hugs, what an inexpensive way to say "we LOVE what you do!"

*Update-I went back to Target to buy more, but the secret is OUT...they were totally gone! Hurry girls...hope you'll have more luck at your Tarjay!!!


Anonymous said...

Ok I am also a Dollar Spot Girl!! I love it when I go in and even the Dollar Spot is 50% off!! I have to check it everytime I go to Target!!


Clean and Classic Interiors said...

Well I never?! I am a quick grocery shopper but that is probably because I try to save my most time for the dollar spot! But I haven't seen the mailboxes and part of me wanted to grab the kids and head there as I was reading your blog! Thanks for the idea and I'll keep my fingers crossed...
(I'm new to this whole blogging thing but your site is very cute and fun to read! Thanks!)

Kimba said...

That is adorable! I'm am so swinging by Target later today. I hope they still have some!

The fabric on that headboard was a heavy upholstery fabric with a very soft texture. Almost like velvet, but thicker and heavier. But I think any kind of upholstery fabric would work.


Kristi said...

AdOrAbLe!!!! You've done it again, friend! I stay in the dollar spot longer than any other place in the store. I wish I had seen these. A few weeks ago, I was looking for something like this for my class, but couldn't find anything in the budget! Wish I had seen fun of a project would this have been? I am sure Cade's teacher was overjoyed! What a beautiful gift!

gayle said...

I wish I had a creative bone in my body! That is super-cute!!!