Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Curiously Very Cute

Seen any CuRiOuS ChArAcTeRs lately?

We have.

Last week we rented Curious George the movie, mainly for the 4 year old boy in the house, but all of us ended up finding our way to the couches and tuning in! Can I just tell you, we went bananas over that little George! We didn't realize it until the movie had begun, but Will Ferrell, Drew Barrymore, Dick Van Dyke and Eugene Levy all lend their voices and humor to characters in the show while Ron Howard is on the production end.

It is truly a kid's movie! I think preschoolers can relate to George quite well as he's basically a little kid himself. George is spunky and adventurous, constantly letting his imagination get the best of him, is very resourceful, gets into trouble, yet is never in any real danger! There are also several funny "one liners" that we, the parentals, appreciated! We liked the music well enough to buy the soundtrack for Cade and Gracie to listen to in the car. Jack Johnson is the main musical artist, and I would use the words: sunny, light, and feel good to describe his style.

So if you're like us and the CARS DVD is getting it's HUNDREDTH spin around the player go check out Curious George, I don't think you or your kiddos will be disappointed.

What have you seen any good movies lately?


BexInTheCity said...

you've only seen cars a hundred times?? ;)
It's been seen about a million times at our house!

Amanda said...

Something other than a Disney Princess movie would be GREAT in this house! We'll have to check out George!!! By the way - I have a dress to let you look at and see if you want it for Gracyn. Will you be at church tonight?