Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Train Table Tag Team

The kiddos are train table buddies these days! Gracyn prefers to carry around the train signals, while Cade conducts the engines. It's a perfect compromise! Sometimes Gracyn DOES like to take the track apart causing brother to get a little aggravated, but for the most part they entertain themselves and each other! We are working with Cade on giving Gracie another piece before he takes one away from her that he "needs." The majority of the time, she's agreeable to trading so it makes for a super-duper train table tag team! Say that 5 times fast :)


Rebecca said...

What a cute pair! That's great that they play together so well. Maybe this will continue as they get older :)

Melissa said...

Isn't it adorable when they play together? And I'm totally stealing your idea about the older sibling replacing the younger sibling's toy with another before taking it. That would probably solve a lot of problems when my 2 play dollhouse together...we really need to get Ty a train table!