Monday, December 1, 2008

A "ONE-derful" year's good to be back to blogland again! Man, where do I begin?!? Blogging has been scarce the past couple of weeks around here for TWO reasons:
a) because of the holidays
b) because somehow my Canon's CF card (memory card) got UN-formatted. We still don't know HOW, but our camera card could not take any photos b/c it continually kept giving us an error message. We couldn't TAKE any new pictures or RETRIEVE any pictures on it. In the end, I lost about 2 weeks worth of November photos. Luckily my totally sweet, computer literate husband re-formatted my CF card for me and what do you know....I'm back in business again! Just in time to commemorate a very special day.

My baby girl is ONE
ONE FULL YEAR has passed since I brought Gracyn Avery into the world at 8 lbs. 6 ounces and 19 inches long! My, how 365 days flew by right before my was incredible! Such fun memories to treasure up in my heart!

Gracyn you are fearfully and wonderfully made...I am honored to be your mommy and am so very proud of you! You have stretched our hearts beyond measure, with your gentle touch and soft smile! I pray God continues to hold you in the palm of His hand, cradling you in His love and equipping me to reflect that love to you each and every day! There are not enough words, sweet girl.

We celebrated with a Cupcake Themed party at Mimi and Grandpop's home in Colleyville. It was a perfect day full of Food, Family, Friends, and lots & lots & lots of Fun!!!
The Food
To go along with the cupcake theme, I made a HUGE birthday cupcake and iced it for the party! We served little individual cupcakes with polka dot bows as well! For lunch, the simpler the we went with sub-sandwiches served in the shape of a GIANT # 1, fruit kabobs, and chips. OH and PINK lemonade of course!
All our friends and family jotted personal messages on a 1 year old portrait of Gracyn as they came in the door! It is hanging in her room now and will always be a reminder of her very first birthday party! The finished product turned out phenomenal...We LOVE it.

Gracyn's Family and Friends
4 Generations of Women, happy to be together!
Aunt Manda, Mommy, MeeMaw, and Nani

Gigi and Pops, Gracie's Great Grandparents
Our Crew

Uncle Ed, Aunt Janie, Grandpop, Mimi holding our birthday girl, Papa, Nani, Aunt Cindy and Uncle Phil

Papa and Uncle Phil

Addison Grace

Heather, Rene, and cutie-patootie Hayden who was sacked out from partying!!!

Cathy, Ashley and Uncle Ed

Levi = a.dor.a.ble

Cade hangin' with Kate

4 Generations of Alaniz Girls

Sweet Libby Lou, showin' off her new kicks!

The Fun
YES, she polished off an entire cupcake by herself...
that's my girl :)

Happy 1st Birthday Gracyn Avery!
As Cade likes to say,
"we WUV you the whole wide world."


RANDY said...

What a great time we all had at MiMi and Grandpop's house. Gracie loved the cupcakes!!!! In the years to come Gracyn can see how much she is loved by her family. Precious memories, how they linger.


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Gracyn! She is such a cute one year old. By the way, we were in Colleyville, TX last week; my uncle lives there.

ginny said...

Cute girl! We had a blast at her party and felt privileged to be included in the celebration.

Amanda said...

What a FUN party!!! I can't believe she is ONE! How did that happen? The party was super cute - her dress was adorable! Happy birthday Gracyn!

Kristi said...

Happy day to Gracyn!! Looks like a ONE-derful party and ONE-derful time was had by all! Beautiful shindig, Becky! Loved looking at the pics. It is hard to believe that it has been a whole year!

Nani said...

Little Gracie, my punkin', you are so cute and such a sweetie pie! Nani had a blast at your one year old birthday party.
Your first year went by way to fast!
I love you!

Rebekah said...

I remember Cade's first birthday in NC! It is hard to believe that that was so long ago! Now your baby girl is one! Wow! If you want time to go by fast count it in baby years!


Anonymous said...

It was such a fun party!! I loved seeing her reactions and cute smiles. She was and is a very happy cutie pie!! I have loved every minute I am with Gracyn. She is so precious to me!
Aunt Manda

Annie said...

Beautiful post and birthday party.

Thanks for sharing.

Mommy said...

What a cute b-day party! I loved her dress! Adorable :) Found your blog through Kelly's Korner :)