Friday, December 12, 2008

Fun Friday...Cade's favorite things

Christmas is truly for kids! The decorations, stockings, ornaments, lights, yard art, fake puffy snow, candy canes and nativity set thrill and amaze our little man. He is entranced with the soft white glow of our 9 1/2 foot Christmas tree. I must admit, there is just something about a Christmas tree shining in our dimly lit living room that's absolutely magical. Cade seems amused with the idea that Santa Claus can see him all the time! During the day he is ever inquiring, "Is Santa still watching me?" Yesterday he asked me, "Mommy when does Santa sleep?" I quickly replied, "Oh, he hardly EVER sleeps so he can work on making gifts and watch you at bedtime." To that Cade remarked, "Oh, well I better quit jumping off the bed onto my rocking chair then." Hmmmm...didn't know THAT was going on after we put him to bed at night! So glad we had a little heart-to-heart talk!

So as Friday has rolled around, instead of MY favorite things this week, I'm posting Cade's top 5 favorite Christmas things!

#5- HoT ChOcOlAtE, more specifically this type, is his beverage of choice this season. He's a NO marshmallow man, but begs for a dallop of spray whipped cream to top it off!!! #4- CaNdY CaNeS...this is the first year he's ever actually eaten one! Oh the bliss, he adores peppermints as it is, but candy canes are like even better, because they're "all crookedy" as he so eloquently explained to me and he gets to HOLD them while he nibbles. The sticky red goo left on his fingers makes an excellent after snack, SNACK! They're basically like 2 snacks in one :)
#3- ChRiStMaS CoUnT DoWn PlAcEmAt, I picked up this baby at Tarjay for about $2.99 and it's been one of the best additions to our Christmas decorations to date. He gets to change the number EVERY morning and knows EXACTLY how many days till Christmas! Plus, he can do it himself which any Mom of a 3 year old will tell you is an instant BONUS.

(this is an old pic of when I first pulled it out, it has the right number today)

#2- WiLLoW TrEE NaTiViTy SeT, I catch him playing with this sporadically throughout the day! He's already broken Joseph's staff once by accident, but it's nothing a little liquid nails couldn't' handle. Mostly he's very gentle with them and even makes them "talk" to each other! It's really very sweet. I'll walk by and see them rearranged at least twice a day! He even told me, he "wuvs" baby Jesus...melt my heart why don't ya!
#1- ElF oN ThE sHeLf, this is a new tradition we're starting this year here at Casita de Alaniz and can I just say I love, love, I mean L-O-V-E him already! The elf on a shelf concept is based on the book by Carol Aebersold, in which Santa sends a little "scout" elf to every home to watch and observe though out the day and then report back to Santa who is being naughty and who is being nice. Each morning the elf returns from his "reporting" at the North Pole and pops up somewhere new in the house! So the kids better be on their BEST behavior while the elf is visiting :) Steve and I are trading off perching him in hiding places around the house and it's a little competitive as to who can find the best places!
This little guy is kind of vintage looking with a big brown eyes and a mischievous grin!
Can I just tell you that Cade literally J-U-M-P-S out of bed EVERY morning to go find our new best friend. He looks forward to this little hide-and-seek game everyday! It is truly a fun tradition to add to the list! Plus, he's a fantastic behavior reinforcement!

Want your own elf on a shelf? Each set comes with a storybook and your own personal elf, whom you get name! I bought mine at our local Hallmark shop, but they're also available through Amazon. Just click on the link! Happy Hunting...


Shannon said...

What a cute post! I really want one of those Elfs when I have kids. That is so cute!

Melissa said...

When I was reading about Cade asking all the questions about Santa watching over him, I was thinking "They need the Elf on the Shelf." As I read down, I saw that you do have it. I saw this for the first time last weekend at a friend's house, and we are going to look for it this weekend at Hallmark. Such a fun idea!

On a side note, I felt so bad for Cade on Wednesday. I hope he feels better and drinks lots of cocoa :D

Rebecca said...

I love the Christmas tree too. I leave it on pretty much all day b/c it makes me so happy.

ginny said...

The elf thing is cute! I had not seen one until now :) Our nativity has also suffered a little breakage, but it's one of the girls favorite toys of the Season.

Jennifer said...

I like the Elf on the Shelf thing! I bet Abriella might enjoy that next year!