Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Morning Make-Over

Do your kids have an opinion about what they wear in the mornings? My son certainly does! No matter what shirt I pick on school mornings, it's DEFINATELY not the one he wants to wear and offering choices takes even more time! Sure enough before I know it, we're heading out the door without a second to lose, peeling out of the driveway only to usher little man through the door at 8:00 on the dot!

Thankfully another Mom had this same issue and created a solution FOR me!

Check out these days of the week outfit organizer tags!
I printed them out on card stock, took them up to Office Max to have them laminated with their awesome super thick/indestructible laminate paper which I happened to have a 15% off coupon for, and then cut out their holes! Seriously...this was about a 5 DOLLAR project!

I already explained them to Cade and he's excited to go into his closet and find his clothes each day himself! We are going to check the weather on Sunday afternoons and pick out outfits for the week. Just stick on our little tags and SHA-ZAM.....no morning bickering because the TAG says that's what we're wearing and HE gets to go "pick it out" of his own closet! I love the gigantic daily letters on them too, so easy to intrepret for the pre-reader crowd. I think these little babies are going to save us TIME, ENERGY, and FRAYED NERVES in the mornings and THAT my friends is worth it's weight in gold :)

Want some super-duper outfit organizer tags for your sweet little selves? Just go HERE and they are all ready to print! Merry Closet Organizing!!!


Rebecca said...

Isn't it fun to find things that work so well. I wish I was the person who came up with all of this stuff...it seems so simple. I guess that's why we need other moms who have been through the same thing. I will have to remember that trick when Kylee gets older.

BexInTheCity said...

cool idea!
I was blessed with a boy who could care less what mom picks out for him to wear. LOL. This might come in handy later for Audrey though.

Alisha Stewart said...

That is such a great idea. We struggle most mornings with Landon wanting to wear short sleeves when it's freezing outside. I thought about just hiding all of his t-shirts so he doesn't have that choice, but maybe I'll try your idea first.

Alisha Stewart said...

by the way, I can't the link to work

Amanda said...

Cute idea! I'm lucky that so far Bethany really doesn't care what she wears. Getting her to actually put it ON is another story...