Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Yo Baby, Yo Baby, YO!

YoBaby Yogurt. A staple here at Casita de Alaniz! I think Miss Gracyn would eat it at every meal if we would let her! She LOVES yogurt. YoBaby is made by Stonyfield Farm and is an fully organic product, meaning it's made without the use of antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones or toxic pesticides! They also produce a line that has cereal already added in, which is such a plus in the mornings. I think those will come in handy when Cade starts preschool at 8:00 AM this Friday.

Gracyn enjoying her yogurt this morning...mmmmmm :)
Look Ma, I'm feeding myself
Look Pa, I'm reading

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Kristi said...

We love us some Yo-Baby over here, too!