Thursday, August 21, 2008


So I am sitting on my couch in our living room, watching it rain and enjoying a relatively quiet afternoon with both kids down for their naps. Cade still takes a daily afternoon nap and Gracyn goes down for her afternoon nap around the same time, so every afternoon I have about 1 hour and 45 minutes to myself before little Miss is ready to be picked up and fed! I treasure this "me" time. I can catch up on chores, watch a lifetime movie or a food network show, check emails, and blog!

Funny random fact #1- Cade has gotten into the habit of opening his blinds after I close his door for nap time. Therefore, a bright "alien spaceship type" light illuminates out from under his door into our dark hallway everyday. How can he sleep with all that sunlight pouring in? Hmmm...I'm just now realizing maybe that's the point....delayed sleep.

Anyhow, I took a BUNCH of pictures of Cade playing outside with his dump truck, but the thought of how much time it would take to upload all those pictures from my camera would shatter my tranquil moment, so instead I will let you in on some deep thoughts I am pondering:

1. Why is it that my Gunnar Peterson Core Secrets DVD takes only 20 minutes to do and yet I avoid it like the plague? I am quite sure I would physically feel better if I completed my piddly 20 minutes, but I cannot seem to get motivated to hit play and pull out the exercise ball! I was feeling so convicted that just the other day I pulled out our other ball and got Cade to do the tape with me. He enjoyed it much more than me.

2. Redemption? Nightly walks with my son. I need the fresh air and he needs to be walked. We balance each other out.

Get Ready to speed walk Mommy.

3. How is it possible that a family of 4 (one of whom only weighs 17 lbs.) can fill an entire trash can up every SINGLE day I ask you? I swear if I had a quarter for every time I carried that trash out to the garage dumpster and put a new liner in I would be living next to Bill Gates, AND hiring someone ELSE to carry out my trash.

4. Should I be more embarrassed at the fact that I absolutely positively cannot wait to see the line up for the fall DANCING WITH THE STARS or that I would STAND, IN LINE, WITH 2 KIDS IN TOW to buy tickets to the, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE tour if it came to my area?

5. I found myself arguing with my 3 year old in the car about WHY I can turn right on red instead of waiting until the light turns green. He's still not conviced...

6. If I simply play the Gunnar Peterson tape while I sit on the floor folding laundry does this still count as exercise time?

7. Is it possible to pass off a bowl of Cheerios as our dinner tonight?

8. I found myself saying "yes" out loud and pulling in my fist (you know the motion) when the American Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson won gold the other night. What will I do when the Olympics are over? I need to join a support group.

9. Wouldn't it seem only fair to house very loud, noise making INSTRUMENTS given to my son at the house of the AUNT who gave it to him? After all, it doesn't seem right for her to miss out on all the beautiful music this little prodigy is creating. (Love you Aunt Manders)

10. Why is it that days that you can't take your kids outside seem twice as long as the days you can?

11. Did I actually just spend the same amount of time typing this random post as it would have taken to just suck it up and listen to Gunnar scream at me to count out my last 4 crunches? Three Core Secrets references in one post must mean I'm feeling convicted to just do it already.

Goodbye tranquil moment, hello alternating side crunches and deep knee bends.


Amanda said...

Oh, Becky - don't cave! DON'T do the video!!! Hey - when did Alicia Sacramone win a gold medal? I thought she didn't win any gold medals??? I was totally cheering out loud when Shawn Johnson won her gold medal, though. I need to join a support group, too.

Becky said...

Thanks for the correction Amanda! I corrected it to Shawn Johnson, all the names are running together in my head :) I am addicted!

Amanda said...

No problem! I do things like that all the time! I also meant to say that we go through an INSANE amount of trash, too. It's ridiculous.

Rebecca said...

I too have a 20 minute workout that hardly ever makes it into my dvd player. I'm glad that you and Cade can walk together.

I'm so glad that ya'll got to come over. I'm so sorry I didn't get to say bye. I am looking forward to getting together with you again!