Sunday, August 3, 2008

Just Passing Through

How good is it to see old friends?

Our long time friends The Riggs family stopped in to visit us at Casita de Alaniz today on their way home to Dallas. They spent their weekend in San Marcus, back to school (YIKES...the dreaded S-word) at the outlet mall. We got a chance to sit back, relax, visit, catch up and reminisce about old times! Kay co-taught with me in Kindergarten for 3 years while I was at Brown, but I've known her since 1999 when I had the privilege of teaching her youngest daughter Ashlyn in kindergarten!!! I adore Kay and her sweet family! She is funny, intuitive, organized, caring, a good cook, full of contagious laughter, easy going, a good listener, understanding, joyful, gentle, and one of my sweetest and dearest friends in the world. Thank you Riggs family for stopping in to visit with little 'ole me and my chick-a-dees! We are continually blessed by your friendship and love!

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