Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Way Back Wednesday...gone to the DOGS!!!

I was cleaning out some photo folders the other day and came across these
pictures of Samson right after he joined our family
in February of 2006!

He was only 8 weeks old.

His original name was Misty Mountain Echo, named because he looked just like his father, but we renamed him Samson because of his beautiful black silky hair!
I'll never forget how nervous he was when we drove him home from
Hendersonville North Carolina. I had him wrapped up in a blanket but
he still shook all the way home from being so nervous & scared.

And come to think of it, now even 3 years later he still is not fond of car rides.
But he IS fond of...

- napping next to me on the couch
- napping on the couch any other time he can get away with it
- catching bubbles that Cade and Gracie blow
- chasing his squeeky ball
- treats
- hiding from people who come to our house
- marking his territory
- and licking everyone, especially Gracie because she's short :)

But we still love you Sam-skee-gee!!!


jane deere said...

AWWW!!! Sam!!! He was sooo cute! And he still is! We luv our dogs, don't we!

Patti said...

My 'Punkin' aka Cade is so little...I can't believe it. He has grown up so fast...will be starting kindergarten this fall, that's hard to believe.
Sam was very 'small' compared to his size now. He towers over Bentley big time but know they are best fwends.