Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Tisket, A Tasket, Ideas About What to Put in a Basket

When it comes to treats for Cade and Gracyn's Easter Baskets each year,
I try to be creative!
I'm sure the kids would be satisfied with 4 lbs. of chocolate,
but truthfully they're not BIG chocolate eaters,
it's not ALL that good for their little bodies,
and I am left to deal with the 4 day post Easter chocolate high!
So instead of filling their baskets entirely with chocolate,
I came up with a few fun ideas to mix it up!

- a book
- a new Bible
- a little lotion
{Bath 'n Body Works sells their travel size for only a buck}
- shower gel
- bubble bath
- chap stick or chip chap as Gracyn says!
- sunglasses
- nail polish
- something handmade
{I got this done today}
- something for them to grow
{Lowe's sells little Sesame Street sets
which include seeds, a pot and soil for only $4}
- gardening gloves
- watering can
- flashlight
- bubbles
- a coin purse or wallet
- scented markers
- stickers
- coloring book
- spring cookie cutters and sprinkles,
for the little cook
- gum
- flip flops or crocs

I hope this gives you some new fresh ideas to choose from for
the Easter baskets you are going to fill this year!

I finished up my handmade gift for Gracyn's basket today!

posie clippy's a secret :)

I hope this motivates you to think outside the box this Easter!
Hoppy Handmade Sweet Friends!


Rebecca said...

What great ideas! It sounds like your kiddos will have great baskets. I will probably go shopping tomorrow for my kids goodies!

Amanda said...

Oh, the clippie is so cute!!! Can't wait to make some together next week! And thanks for the good ideas for Easter baskets. :-)

Alisha Stewart said...

Great ideas. I found some cotton candy bubble gum at Target this year. Always fun to change things up a bit:)

Patti said...

Good ideas for Nani...

Janie Alaniz said...

Wish I would have read this before Easter Sunday. Keep sharing those wonderful ideas, Beck.

BexInTheCity said...
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