Friday, April 2, 2010

Lord Jehovah Reigns!!!!

On Tuesday night, while on our way to Cade's Spring Musical, we were involved in a car accident. A car rear-ended us, pushing us into the car in front of us, which in turn pushed him into the car in the very front.

No one was injured {although I'm a little stiff now} and everyone's car was still driveable {except the car who rear-ended me}. Police were called, reports filed, stories told, information given. But Cade missed his concert. I thought giving him a chance to sing and make a little "movie" might capture some of those moments missed Tuesday night! He was excited for me to turn on the camera and continued to click replay once it was uploaded on the blog! He watched himself proudly

SIX times!!!

Lord Jehovah does reign!!

What a great song choice for the upcoming weekend,

good singing little man, Mommy is so proud.


Amanda said...

Great job singing Cade! Aunt Manda is so proud of you!
Love you sweet nephew!
I would love to see more "movies" of Cade and Gracyn!

Rebecca said...

What a great job he did singing. I'm so sorry to hear that you were in an accident. I'm glad that everyone is okay and the cars are still drivable. Let me know if you need anything!

gayle said...

Sorry to hear about the car accident.

Tell Cade bravo and encore!!!

Kristi said...

Wonderful job, Cade!!

So sorry to hear about your accident....that is so scary. So glad everyone is okay and that there were no major injuries! Bless your sweet heart, Becky!

ginny said...

Wonderful job, Cade!

Sorry about the accident, Beck! That's scary! Glad everyone's okay.