Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday TRUEism

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“The beauty of the house is order.

The blessing of the house is contentment.

The glory of the house is hospitality.

The crown of the house is Godliness.”

Author Unknown

I have never read a better definition of what home really means.
These beautiful words would look ever so lovely painted
on one of my walls
or hand painted into a hanging plaque.
I fell head over heals in love with this quote
after reading it for the first time.
It embodies exactly the way I want my home to
feel to my family as well as my friends.
What a remarkable reminder to read, of what home means
each & everyday!
I'm scrawled this quote onto a sticky note to hang on my mirror....
there it will stay,
until the day that I will hang it in a future home!


RANDY said...

These words and actions are what makes a house a home. There really is a difference. Order, contentment, hospitality, and Godliness each require some type of action to make them so. I will glad to see them some day in your house that is your home......

Shannon said...

Love this Becky!! Definitely inspiration for what I want my home to be.

Side note...I think I remember seeing that Cade did gymnastics over the summer (that is how long I've been reading without commenting!). We're thinking about starting Mallory, and thought a short summer program might be a good starter. Would you mind emailing me and letting me know where Cade took it and how y'all liked it? Thanks!! slbankhead at yahoo dot com

Debbie Grimes said...

Love your post today...hope you're having a good week! Your new nephew is ADORABLE!

Rebecca said...

I totally agree. It takes so much to make a house into a home and you do a great job. Thanks for sharing the beautiful quote!