Monday, March 29, 2010

Menu Monday...a recipe for gettin' messy

3 Moms Chatting & Drinking Coffee


2 Spunky Little Girls on the Back Porch



EVERYONE had a fun time at coffee

this morning, especially these

2 parteners in crime!

We love you Callie Girl :)


Beth said...

Such sweet, sweet girls!! We miss you guys!

Melissa said...

Love the pics!

Holly said...

That's great! We are definitely going to have to watch out for these two! You'll have to send me the pictures and I will have to get that lens! Love spending time with you!

Orlando said...

Thank you, good to see little Gracyn in play time. Look forward to seeing you and the kids at our house to enjoy the pool this summer. Maybe even do some informal swim lessons with the kiddos.


Patti said...

Looks like the two little ones were having the most fun!!! Who needs coffee!!!