Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Easter Decorating on a Budget of ZILCH

Okay girlies,
Easter season is upon us!

Remember this guy?

Well check him out now!

~ Bada-Bing ~


My little branches are all dressed up for Easter baby!

All you need to do is take out your shredded paper and replace it with moss, remove the hearts in place of your happy little eggs, switch out your bow and

Your Easter center piece is ready for oogling by the masses,
especially your kid folk, who enjoy asking...
1) Are those eggs real?
2) {in response to answered question numero uno}
Do they have candy inside?
3) Mommy, can we put some candy inside?

And I know someone is bound to ask, but the answer is


my sweet little candy-eyed chocolate bunny is a decoy, a fake, a fraud...

but a good impostor, no?

I purchased him about 3 years ago at a quaint little decor shop in Salado, Texas.

If I was brave enough to stick a real one up, he'd either be

a) dog bait

b) kid fodder


c) mom's stress snack by sundown

Hoppy Easter Decorating
Sweet Friends


gayle said...

Hey girl, I need your email address! mine is I have a question for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your Easter egg tree! I will have to make one someday when I get time! And the bunny is great too!