Friday, March 26, 2010

F U letter N

letter F R letter I IMG_5575_2 Graffito A (Boston, MA) metal type letter Y

My sweet friend Jennifer recently started a new blog,

Jennifer knows more about cooking delicious food, baking delectable treats,

herbs, gardening, livestock, organics, tools,

friendship, honesty, loyalty and laughter than anyone I know!

Which makes her blog a pure


to read...

Go visit her, stay a spell, drool over her cinnamon roll recipe

{which I can personally attest to is divine}

and leave her a little note!

All bloggers need your feedback

via comments!

And we all LoVe hearing from new people :)

1 comment:

jane deere said...

Thanks for the plug, Becky! I love your word art too!!! See you soon!