Thursday, March 26, 2009

Going to the zoo, zoo, about you, you, you?!?

We polished off the last day of our Spring Break with a trip to the zoo! I decided a little slide show was in order to share some highlights of the road trip! It was Gracyn's first time to visit a zoo and Cade's second. The sun was shining, a breeze was blowing, the animals were majestic, and the only stinky area was the fun times were had by all.

Cade reported that his favorite animal he'd seen that day was the sloth and Gracie reported her favorite thing that day was eating all the snacks out of the snack bag! HA!



Melissa said...

Love the zoo--one of our favorite outings! It looks like your kids had a blast, and they sure look do look cute. I'm glad y'all go to take advantage of the beautiful weather we had last week!

Amanda said...

Oh, what a sweet slide show! You know, looking at those pics made me realize just how SIMILAR Cade and Gracyn look. Wow!

Glad you had a fun time at the zoo. Oh, and I cracked up when you said G's favorite part was eating the snacks. That is SO my girls!

Amanda said...

That was so adorable. I love those pics. I need some new ones! They looked like they had a blast! See you all soon. I'm catching up on all my emails tonight. I'm sure you thought I was hibernating. Ha ha!!
Aunt Manda