Thursday, May 20, 2010

{when life gives you lemons....}

As most of you know,
we were involved in a car accident last month.

The responsible party's closest insurance adjustor
was about a 40 mile drive away!
We made the drive down several weeks ago and the kids were

Mr & Mrs Manners Plus
the whole way down and were very well behaved at the State Farm Office while the adjustor wrote up our estimate and everything.

Afterward we were hungry and decided to stop by a newly opened,

to pick up one of these

and 2 of these

There was a park near by so instead of eating inside, we had
an impromptu picnic.
It was a BrIgHt afternoon, SuNNy & cOOl...

my favorite kind of day!

Cade, Gracie and I all had such a pleasant afternoon.

So if life gives you lemons, squeeze the fire out of them
make yourself a
lemon drop martini

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Patti said...

I just love happy you all have a wonderful time!
Mom, Nani