Friday, May 21, 2010

Fun favorite things

Alternative English Muffins
from the Western Bagel Co.

Does a cowboy riding into town on a BAGEL seem a little odd?

Not if you’re the Western Bagel Company.

The story of Western Bagel is a trailblazing tale.

David Ustin was working in a Bronx, New York bakery while attending school to become a rabbi. During his shift one day, he overheard a union representative say there were no good bagels out west. Soon after, David packed up and hit the road with a pioneer spirit and profits in mind.
When he arrived in California circa 1946, David keenly observed the cow pokes on the West Coast had different tastes than the Eastern customers he had come to know. He went on to develop a bagel that was softer and chewier which helped Western Bagel become

“The Bagel That Won The West.”

In 2002, amidst growing health concerns of consumers and if I'm guessing right… the rise of low-carb diets, Western Bagel created a reduced carbohydrate bagel.

Thus, the "ALTERNATIVE BAGEL" was born.

From the beginning, Alternative Bagels were offered in only two varieties, Country White and Roasted Onion. The bagel’s popularity spread like wildfire and now the company offers additional flavors including Sweet Wheat, Very Blueberry and Cinnamon Spice.

While I like bagels,
their English muffins!

I'm a thin and crispy pizza girl so it's really only fitting
that I prefer thin and crispy in the mornings as well.

And I'm just sayin' Western Bagel makes the meanest English muffin on the block. They have 2 varieties of English muffins; plain or wheat.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE these English muffins.

Not only do they taste yummy, they are only 100 calories! And their bagels are only 110 calories compared to the average bagel which packs a whopping 300+ calories. They have no trans fat or cholesterol and are a good source of calcium. Alternative English Muffins have 5 grams of precious fiber and will only cost you 1 POINT if you do Weight Watchers for a full English muffin or bagel.

I enjoy snacking on them in many ways. One favorite recipe is to toast & sparingly spread any flavor with Weight Watchers cream cheese over the top. We also love to spread peanut butter on the top for a protein packed breakfast to go. If you try the bagels, I like to toast a Roasted Onion Alternative Bagel, add some fat-free Dijonnaise and top with a few slices of turkey for a birdy bagelwich!

You can purchase these in refrigerated section of your grocery
{a.k.a. Wal-Mart in my neck of the woods}
next to the 101 varieties of cream cheese spreads.

They must kept cold to ensure freshness so keep'em frosty girls!

They are healthy, delicious, and a quick fix making them easily
one of my favorite things.



Gigi said...

I will try those bagels!!! Hope everything is goingwell for you. The babies look great.
Take care.

Patti said...

Yes, I have tried them and everything you say is TRUE!