Saturday, May 1, 2010

{my FIRST customer}

Step right up...

I've been thinking about cutting Cade's hair myself
for awhile now.
Just haven't mustered up the confidence to
I could pull it off.

His hair grows SOOOOOO FAST, I'm talking like he could seriously get a hair cut every 2 weeks. Now in truth we get it cut about once every 6 weeks and it costs about 15 bucks with tip!
This kid can put away some milk and you can tell by watching his hair and nails.
They both grow like weeds :)

So I told myself to buck up and live a little...
I borrowed a WAHL clipper set from friends
{who also cut their boys hair},
made sure he was fed and happy,
{yes I really did}
then I was ready to roll...
Plus it helps when your kid is saying,
"Go ahead Mom, I know you can do it"
I set up shop on the back patio in a lawn chair with a towel drape and he went
from shabby
to shapely!
Check out a back view!
And yes, that is a lolly pop in his hand...
he gets one at the "official" barbershop
so I figured I could spring for pops
since I was saving myself 30 bucks a month.
Gotta keep up with my competition!
Truth be told I really enjoyed it and Cade did super!
I saved money, had some one-on-one conversation time
with my oldest, and did something I was proud of!
I can't ask anymore of myself.
Always room for improvement, but
I think it turned out pretty good for a
first time Mom cut, what do you think?


jane deere said...

You did a great job, Becky! That's excellent for a first timer! I think it looks really good.

Jennifer said...

looks professional to me!! way to go! i can't even cut stephen's that good! way to go!

Beth said...

it looks great!! i tried to cut brian's hair a couple times to save money. i thought, "how hard can a military haircut be?" let's just say that twice was enough, and i will gladly fork over the money for someone else to do it. so impressed with your skills!!

Anonymous said...

You did a great job Becky. I have been cutting Rebecca's dad had for 35 years. Saved a lot of money. Keep up the good work. The pics of your kids on the trampoline are so cute.

Amanda said...

Looks great! Good job Becky!

Melissa said...

I am impressed! I really need to learn this skill!