Monday, December 7, 2009

Ree and Me...a recipe for fun!

Thursday night my friend Jennifer and I loaded up the Tahoe, set the GPS, and headed south to Austin for a book signing with none other than the pioneer woman herself!

That's right kiddies, we got to hob nob with the undisputed QUEEN of food blogging,


What a fun night. We arrived at the bookstore around 6 p.m. and by 7, you couldn't stir 'em with a stick! It was packed. Ree briefly came down and did a quick Q&A session with the crowd then proceeded to sign copies of her first cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks. Which is chalked full of down home yummy southern recipes and beautiful photography and stories...just like her blog!

My favorite question that someone asked was,"How many packages of butter does she go through in a month!" In true Pioneer Woman form she replied, "That's too personal of a question, I'd rather not answer that!"


Let me tell you that she was as delightful in person as she seems on her blog! She even hooked everyone at the book signing up with a free t-shirt which her husband a.k.a. Marlboro Man toted to the event! only dilemma is what to cook first!

What's that?

You have never even heard of The Pioneer Woman?

Well good grief.

Crawl out from beneath that rock and go visit:

She ROCKS!!!!!

Oh and if you want a great Christmas gift for the chef in the family you can pick up her new cookbook at a great price from!


Kristi said...

What fun!! I had no idea that she was in Austin! That is too cool. Love her blog and have tried many of her recipes (as you well know).
So excited for you to meet her!

gayle said...

I am also jealous you got to meet her! I really want her cookbook!!!