Monday, November 30, 2009

Terrific T-W-O

Gracyn Avery is TWO!!!!

My sweet little ladybug celebrated her second birthday!

Time really does fly by when your having fun.

I made a banner to hang over our fireplace with one photo from each month of her life over the past year! You could really see just how much she has changed and grown into a toddler by following her progression through the months.

Come on,
Follow me through the past year.

December/January 2009







You are a ray of sunshine in our lives. Your beautiful smile and hearty laugh bring happiness to the hearts of all your friends and family. No one can resist giving you a squeeze or stealing some sugars from those sweet cheeks!

You love your brother...he is quickly becoming your favorite toy! Both of you are at just the right age to really truly begin playing together and becoming the best of friends. I love to hear Cade whisper all his giant plans and schemes as the two of you entertain each other in the playroom.

You love to put on pajamas {or any random clothes you can find around the house, for that matter}. You love to wear your shirt over your head with your arms still in where your tummy shows.

You love to be read to, to be held and cuddled, and you absolutely could not survive without your soft "piwwow" at bedtime.

You love to carry around your sippy cup full of "pom-gwanit" juice, your purse, and your "chip-chap" --translation -- chap stick!

You love to eat raisins, applesauce, bananas, green beans, turkey roll-ups, mozzarella sticks, rice, popsicles, beans and almost anything else we put on your plate!
I LOVE to hear you say, "Hi Mommy" every morning when I walk into your room...
like you've been waiting for just that moment. I love to hear you call Cade "bubby." I love when you say "do it myself." I love to watch you splish-splash in the tub. I love when you prance around in your pretty dress up shoes that brother gave you at your party. And I love to hear you talk to you babies in such a gentle way.

My sweet 2 year old girl, I love you with all that I am.

Party Pics & Party Peeps

Chocolate covered strawberries on cookie sticks!

You wearing your "pwetty, pwetty" shoes from bubby!

Happy Birthday to you, Gracie girl!
I anticipate the next 12 months of your life will be filled with many more memorable moments.


Shannon said...

Hi Becky! Had to comment since my Morgan is just a few away from 2 also!! Can you believe how fast it's gone by? Seems like we were just seeing each other at Scoot and White! Gracyn is a sweetie and does have squeezable cheeks! Happy birthday!!

Anonymous said...

These good memories are etched in our minds forever. Wasn't too many years ago this was you....I know you will have these great memories as Papa and Nanni do....we love you all dearly!!!!!!!!

Janie said...

What wonderful memories you are creating for your precious babies. I love the great ideas you come up with (ie the ribbon on the mantle with a photo from each month of the previous year).

Rebecca said...

I can't believe that she is two and Kylee will be soon. We had a lot of fun at her party, thanks for letting us celebrate with you guys!

Amanda said...

So sad we missed the party!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like it was a wonderful memory for the sweet girl. :)